With education and workforce so closely related, Livingston County is well positioned to produce both skilled and educated candidates for local employers through a combination of strong and successful elementary and secondary schools, vocational training opportunities, and a nationally recognized junior college.

Served by 10 grade school districts, 5 High School districts, and 7 private schools Livingston County enjoys an excellent track record for positioning its students to complete high school and begin college when compared to state and national levels.

Dwight Township High School
Flanagan-Cornell High School
Pontiac Township High School
Prairie Central High School
Woodland High School

Vocational Education

Livingston County is home to the Livingston Area Career Center (LACC) which provides career training programs for high school students in a variety of occupational fields. Programs at LACC are designed to meet the needs of local industry and prepare for the demands of tomorrow’s changing workforce. Course offerings include:

● Automotive Technology
● CNA-Certified Nurse
● Assistant
● Computer Maintenance
● Computer Networking
● Construction Trades
● Cosmetology
● Culinary Arts
● Early Childhood Education
● EMT-Emergency Medical Technician
● Engineering & Architectural Design
● Fire Science
● Inter-Related Cooperative
● Education
● Law Enforcement
● Medical Terminology
● Office Information
● Processing
● Visual Media Art
● Welding

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Higher Education

Heartland Community College

Illinois Central College (ICC)

Illinois Valley Community College (IVCC)

Joliet Community College (JCC)

Kankakee Community College (KCC)

Parkland Community College