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The Greater Livingston County Economic Development Council [GLCEDC] dedicates its purpose to supporting the retention and expansion of existing enterprises and to attract new business development.  The GLCEDC recognizes the importance of highly trained and competent workforce and works diligently with Heartland Community College, The Livingston Area Career Center, and the Grundy, Kankakee, Livingston County Workforce Investment Board to respond the needs of current and prospective employers.  Also, the GLCEDC serves as a liaison between the business community and government agencies to facilitate and expedite the development of new projects.  Lastly, as a respected advocate of the business community, the GLCEDC works to inform local governmental entities and community groups of the positive economic impacts associated with economic development.

Benefits to joining the GLCEDC include but are not limited to:

  • Opportunity to serve on the GLCEDC Board of Directors or Executive Committee.
  • Ability to serve on Standing and Ad Hoc Committees.
  • Participation in small group round table discussions with local, state, and federal officials.
  • Having a pro-business advocate to use a resource as you consider expanding your business.
  • Your business being featured on the GLCEDC website and in GLCEDC promotion material.
  • Recognition at the annual meeting

Investment Levels in the GLCEDC are as follows:

  • Platinum – Minimum $25,000
  • Gold Level – Minimum $10,000
  • Silver Level – Minimum $5,000
  • Bronze Level – Minimum $1,000
  • Associate Membership – Minimum $500 up to Bronze
  • Municipal Membership  – $2-$3 per resident

Thank you for considering membership to the GLCEDC and supporting our endeavor to increase the commerce of the Livingston County area.

Please contact Adam Dontz, GLCEDC, CEO at 815-844-8866 with questions or comments regarding the GLCEDC.