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ATR in agreement with county

The Daily Leader May 19, 2017 [CLICK TO READ ARTICLE]

Technical Metals moving forward with some help

The Daily Leader May 6, 2017 [CLICK TO READ ARTICLE]

School District Still Not Getting State Money

The Daily Leader April 21, 2017 [CLICK TO READ ARTICLE]

Unemployment Numbers Could Change

The Daily Leader March 22, 2017 [CLICK TO READ ARTICLE]

Location Change Really No Issue Here

Feb 3, 2017 Pontiac Daily Leader [CLICK TO READ ENTIRE ARTICLE]

Interview on Pontiac Caterpillar’s Future

WJEZ interview with Caterpillar’s Pontiac Factory Manager Steven Harding and Adam Dontz of the GLCEDC. [CLICK HERE TO LISTEN]

Jobless Rate Creeps Up In October

November 19, 2016 Pontiac Daily Leader [CLICK to read entire article]

District Moving Full STEAM Ahead

November 15, 2016 Pontiac Daily Leader [CLICK to read entire article]

Leader: CEO Feels It Has Been A Good Year

Pontiac Daily Leader November 3, 2016 [CLICK to download PDF of article]

WEEK News: Community Leaders See Growth at Caterpillar’s Pontiac Facility

WEEK News 25 November 2, 2016 [View Now] [CLICK to download PDF of article]

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